Elektrownia Powiśle
Warsaw off ART 2021 “Art is not a crime”
September 30 – October 3
Elektrownia Powiśle, Hala Gwardii, Art in house.
Warsaw off ART 2021 “Art is not a crime” – 4th Edition of the Independent International Festival of Independent Contemporary Art. From September 30 to October 3, nearly sixty artists from Poland, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Slovakia, the Netherlands and the USA will be presented at Elektrownia Powiśle, Hala Gwardii and Art in house.All artists share an excellent artistic level and an original approach to all techniques, from painting, through sculpture, installation, photography and poster art, to audio art, viral and … much more. Going beyond the usual patterns, combining various styles of technology, humor and expression, the presented artists prove that independent contemporary art, and above all its authors, have a lot to say through their own unique artistic language of expression. And at the same time, with their work, they confirm the slogan of this year’s Festival: Art is not a crime.Warsaw off ART 2021 is a promise of a unique opportunity to meet with excellent independent art and its creators, as well as great fun on a large scale and at a high level.Join us for the separate opening – vernissage planned for each festival center:
Elektrownia Powiśle – September 30 at 19:00

Hala Gwardii – October 1 at 13:00
Art in house – October 1 at 18:00
You can meet the artists and their art until October 3, from 12:00 – 20:00.
Come and enjoy original tours, artistic events, meetings with artists and joint fun at the afterparty.

Artists and Artists of the 4th Edition of Warsaw off ART:
Marcin Adamczyk, Piotr Ambroziak, Kateřina Barabášová, Václav Buchtelík, Jolanta Caban, Milan Cieslar, Jan Cieślak, Magdalena Daniec, Magda Fokt, Pavel Forman, Viktor Frešo, Michael Gifford, Joanna L. Gołąbek, Vladimír Havlík, Robert Jaworski, Michal Kalhous, Agnieszka Cecylia Kazała, Ewa Kazimierska, Łukasz Kliś, Angelika Kordowska, Angelika Korzeniowska, František Kowolowski, Sebastian Kubica, Janusz Kucharski, Jiří Kuděla, Tomáš Kudela, Patrycja Kurus-Rosłoniec, Dáša Lasotová, Franek Leduchowski, Petr Lysáček, Paulina Matusiak, Paul Maciakek , Weronika Michalska, XY Anka Mierzejewska, Magdalena Moskwa, Michał Mroczka, Libor Novotný, Michał Ostrowski, Piotr Paraniak, Marta Piątkowska, Gabriela Pienias, Wiktor Polak, Karol Pomykała, Nikola Emma Ryšavá, Marek Schovánek, Marek Sibinský, Oleksii Sokun, Ivo Sumec , Jiří Surůvka, Magdalena Szwabe (Opozda), Piotr Szwabe aka Pisz, Tomasz Tobolewski, Dan Trantina, Paweł Zakrzewski, Agnieszka Zawisza, Łukasz Zbroja.

Piotr Ambroziak – originator and curator of “Warsaw off ART”
Bratka Leligdowicz – co-curator of “Warsaw off ART 2020-21” (POLAND)
Tomáš Kudela – co-curator of “Warsaw off ART 2021” (CZECH REPUBLIC)

Warsaw off ART film:

Elektrownia Powiśle
Plein Theater Amsterdam | concept, art direction & styling Paulina Matusiak  | photo: Eddy Wenting & Paulina Matusiak

Poster Campaign Plein Theater
Public space as a stageThe top image is the first of a series of posters created for Plein Theater. The poster was created in January 2020 just before the Covid-19 crisis hit. It was the first of what was to become a series, and was intended as a jigsaw of different cultures and traditions. Over the course of the year it became Plein Theater’s Covid-19 image. Plein Theater is a podium for the young and old, focusing specifically on the enormous wealth of diversity in its immediate surroundings of East Amsterdam: experienced and inexperienced theater-goers, across all educational and economic backgrounds. Plein Theater creates a single community in which the bubbles of target groups dissolve, searching for common ground through an art form or theme.In collaboration with Plein Theater, Studio Matusiak has created campaign images in the form of rebuses that refer to the theater programs. The images are used on the various channels, linking to each other and distributed as posters throughout the city. More than just ads, they are seen as works of art, and because of their pervasive presence actually become a stage themselves.The images are also distributed as flyers and postcards; because of the originality and artistic quality they catch the eye, captivate, and are taken. More importantly, they become a fixture in the finder’s mind!“For this series I decided to cast everyday people as models and not have them look straight into the lens. Instead, they were ‘coat racks’ for the attributes that did the storytelling; they had their eyes covered by objects as an experiment to see if the absence of eye contact can have a powerful effect in a poster image.”

Winner Gold European Design Awards 2021 | Category Poster Series


Fortuny 2020

New work for Atelier Fortuny Venetia
Concept & styling: Paulina Matusiak | Photography: Eddy Wenting & Paulina Matusiak
Hair & Make-up: Radna Berendsen Model: Nour @ EVD Agency, Jasmijn @Anti Models




This is it, the poster by Film by the Sea 2019

VLISSINGEN – A Zeeland Mona Lisa, that’s what she’s already called. Rosanne Hustinx is featured on the Film by the Sea 2019 poster. It was designed by Paulina Matusiak.

The new artwork is an important calling card for Jan Doense, who succeeded Leo Hannewijk at the end of last year as director of the Zeeland film festival. He emphatically wanted something different than last year, when a painting by Aat Veldhoen adorned the poster. “But I also want to show the public that I want the best for them, so it shouldn’t be something that shocks.”

Doense sought collaboration with Matusiak, whom he has known for a long time. “At the Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival – now Imagine Film Festival – we worked together a few times. That has led to three posters that people are still talking about. So I thought: if Paulina can make something with a similar impact for Film by the Sea, then we’re on the right track.”

Coincidentally, Matusiak was already involved in the film festival before. In 2000, at the second edition of Film by the Sea, she assisted Anthon Beeke in making the poster. “Looking at all the artwork from the festival over the past 20 years, I found early posters such as those by Beeke and Anton Corbijn to be the most exciting,” says Doense.

This year’s poster features “a stylized version of a Zeeland woman”, as the festival director calls it. She wears a Zeeland cap, which Matusiak made of fine gold-colored mesh. The woman has a book in her hands and ribbons flutter around her like film strips. The surf is visible in the background. Doense: “I thought it was especially important to see what the festival stands for: Zeeland, the sea, film and books.” The logo of the festival has also been modernized.

The new poster will be on a large format from 11 June on the facade of CineCity in Vlissingen. That day is the traditional Amuse, where Matusiak is present. Then the festival trailer is also presented, which forms a unity with the poster.

Rolf Bosboom PZC 16-05-201



Museum für gestaltung Zürich

So pleased to announce that my work has been selected for The Poster Collection of The Museum for Gestaltung Zürich, the most extensive and important archives of its kind in the world. They are now accessible on and available for loans and publication projects of international museums and for research projects in a wider context.

The Poster Collection features over 350,000 posters, 120,000 of them researched and inventoried, and documents Swiss and international poster history—including political, commercial,  and cultural posters—from its beginnings in the mid-nineteenth century to the present day. The geographical emphasis—itself determined by the history of poster design—is on Switzerland, Europe, Japan, Cuba, the former Soviet Union, and the United States. The collection is continually expanded and brought up to date in dialogue with contemporary output and acknowledging historical achievements.

The collection’s historical, thematic, and geographical diversity offers both a survey of poster art and a look into a visual archive of the everyday world. In addition to the principal questions of graphics and typology, the collection also concentrates on a socio-political understanding of design, as posters reflect in a unique way the aesthetic and social processes of a particular era.

link to collection


adieu Anthon!

A tribute to our mentor Anthon Beeke.
With a group of dear friends and former colleagues we unfold a 7×12 meter version of one of Anthon’s most unsettling posters.
It was seen in the city center (on the day of Anthon’s funeral). Adieu Anthon!


Het Parool





Publication design for Aleksandra Gaca
Masterly – The Dutch in Milano during Milan Design Week 2018.

We are proud to announce our cooperation with Aleksandra Gaca
on her new publication.


TEXTURA A Polish Touch @Tent London 2017

We are proud to announce our cooperation with the Adam Mickiewicz Institute
for TEXTURA A Polish Touch,an exhibition at TENT LONDON
during the LONDON DESIGN FAIR 2017.




TEXTURA. A Polish touch
The exhibition features a broad overview of Polish projects, celebrating design with a tactile quality and
exploring the unique potential of different materials and textures.
Weaving techniques and patterns are highlighted throughout the designs as the exhibit brings together works
representing the past and the present, as well as a diversity of production methods and material applications.

The exhibition interweaves objects with fabrics, like an avant-garde Polish tapestry combining different materials
in unconventional ways and allowing new qualities to emerge.
Through new unruly, subtle, mysterious and harmonious combinations, the designs mutually
amplify their expression and tell a new story.

TEXTURA catalogue – download link

Participants: Ania Kuczynska X KRISTOFF / / /
Falbanka / / Oskar Zieta / / Aleksandra Gaca / /
Acephala / / Lorens / / Agnieszka Bar / /
Wiktoria Szawiel / / Joanna Rusin / / Justyna Popławska / / Chmara. Rosinske / / Agnieszka Czop / / Olga Bielawska / / Justyna Medon / /
Dorota Koziara Studio / / Andrzej Bero / / Confashion / / Marta Bakowski / / Edyta Pietrzyk/ / Katarzyna Schmidt-Przewozna / Mateusz Wiewiorowski / / Malwina Konopacka / / Tartaruga / / Natalia Jerzak / / Klaudia Markiewicz / / Dorota Taranek / By BROSHA / / Beza Projekt / /

Curator / Exhibition design / Graphic design Paulina Matusiak | Studio Matusiak, Amsterdam, NL
Exhibition organizer Adam Mickiewicz Institute /
The Adam Mickiewicz Institute team:
Maria Ostrowska – Polska Design Programme Acting Manager
Natalia Gedroyc – Coordination
Małgorzata Miskowiec, Mirosława Kopka, Marta Piechocka-Nowakowska, Katarzyna Mitrovic, Agnieszka Dabrowska
Production Agata Bisping, Magdalena Jabłonska
Special thanks to Elzbieta Matusiak, Eddy Wenting, Peter Korver
Photography © Eddy Wenting

The exhibition is organized by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute operating under the brand
and is part of its program promoting Polish design worldwide.

TEXTURA A Polish Touch | Tent London 2017

I would like to thank all the participants of the TEXTURA exhibition and everyone else who made this possible, especially the Adam Mickiewicz Institute for giving me this opportunity.

Warm regards
Paulina Matusiak


Modern International Arts & Design Academy (MIADA),

Lecture and workshop at MIADA,
Chongquing, China, 2016



Animation: Chicken Don’t Retire

project by Studio Matusiak
Paulina Matusiak, Tessa Valkenburg & Robbin Veldman



KILIM – cementtegels @ Elle Decor
Polen 2015




KILIM – cementtegels @ Volkskrant Magazine
Amsterdam 2015




Lecture at Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design
Jerusalem 2015




Boek presentatie – 25 jaar Danstheater AYA
Krakeling, Amsterdam 2015

Paulina Matusiak | Eddy Wenting | Marieke van Delft | Lonneke Kok



Dutch design Week Eindhoven

Lezing: the making of @ Studio Matusiak
Polish Design Talks
zaterdag 25.10.2014 | 16 uur | TAC | Vonderweg 1 | 5611 BK Eindhoven | Locatie nr. 37

Schermafbeelding 2014-10-06 om 12.17.31


KILIM – Cementtegels Collectie @ Dutch Design Week 2014
Einhoven 2014


foto 3



Productie van KILIM – Cementtegels Collectie @ PURPURA
Purpura – Polen 2014





De Theaterafficheprijs 2013

door Jessica Kuitenbrouwer | gepubliceerd: 13 november 2013

De Theaterafficheprijs, die tot twee jaar geleden werd uitgereikt door het Theater Instituut Nederland, zal vanaf november 2013 tweejaarlijks worden toegekend aan de vormgever van het beste theateraffiche van een professionele Nederlandse theatervoorstelling.

Na de opheffing van het Theater Instituut Nederland werd de Theaterafficheprijs voor het seizoen 2011-2012 niet uitgereikt, maar na de overname van de TIN-collectie door Bijzondere Collecties van de Universiteit van Amsterdam, heeft zij samen met het Wim Crouwel Instituut besloten om de prijs dit jaar opnieuw uit te geven onder de naamMart.Spruijt Theaterafficheprijs. Per seizoen worden er tien theateraffiches voor de prijs genomineerd door een door Bijzondere Collecties samengestelde jury.

Omdat er vorig jaar geen prijsuitreiking was, zal dit jaar op 21 november zowel de prijs voor het beste affiche van seizoen 2011-2012 als die voor seizoen 2012-2013 worden uitgereikt in de Aula van de Universiteit van Amsterdam. Een van de grote kanshebbers is Paulina Matusiak. Zij is drie keer genomineerd voor de affiches die zij maakte voor Danstheater Aya. Voor seizoen 2011-2012 is zij genomineerd voor haar affiche van de productie Hart en voor het seizoen 2012-2013 voor de affiches van Bite enHarnas.



Wroclove Design Expo 2013 – Wroclaw Polen
Poster exposition

festival Wroclaw




Lodz Design Week
Lodz Polen 2012




Festival international de l’affiche et du graphisme de Chaumont – jury
Frankrijk 2008




Expositie MATUSIAK op de School of Form
Poznan, Polen